‘Our world is the world of our customers. As a medium-sized company, our expert employees work as a team to satisfy the needs of our customers and meet the very highest standards.’

Company values


We are the technological and global market leader in steel ski edge production and therefore make a high-quality contribution to the outstanding products made by the international winter sport industry (ski and snowboard manufacturers).


By implementing high quality standards and focusing closely on customer needs, we have made a name for ourselves as a major supplier of high-performance die-casting services for the automotive industry.


We look back with pride at a history of continuous growth at the company. As an independently financed and ambitious company with many years of experience, we are a partner you can rely on.

Milestones in the company history

1947 Established as a specialist welding company

1950 Manufacture of welded steel constructions

1957 Production of metal components for the skiing and sporting goods industries

1959 Move to current premises

1970 Production of die-cast parts

1972 Installation of a cold-rolling plant with tempering technology for the sporting goods industry

1978 Becomes a Ges. m.b.H (limited company)

1984 Construction of foundry I

1996 Construction of foundry II

2006 Expansion of the company premises

2011 Construction of a new production facility with high-bay warehouse

2012 Construction of the new office suite

2013 Toolmaking department moved

2014 Construction of a new mould maintenance facility

2017 Construction of a new die-casting facility and a pre-melting facility with underground staff car park

Divisions and products

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we combine our experience with high implementation flexibility thanks to our position as the technological and global market leader in the field of steel ski edge production.

Our heart beats in time with the ski industry, where we remain the undisputed market leader. With a view to expanding the division, we are now also seeking to impress other industries with the quality of our steel products.

By harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, we are always able to produce high-quality components and solve complex challenges for our customers. From die-cast, and sometimes ready-to-install, blanks through to complete assemblies and the procurement of bought-in parts, we are a reliable partner for our customers and offer a strong economic focus. We combine a flair for innovation with a wealth of experience to develop process solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

As a major supplier to the automotive industry, we continuously build on our expertise and expand our practical knowledge by means of pioneering innovation projects. Our production divisions are given optimum support by our in-house toolmaking facility, which offers a broad range of services from tool development to specialist mechanical engineering.

Certification and standards

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009
  • EN ISO 14001:2015

Your contacts

Managing Director
Dkfm. Michael Deutsch

Plant Manager
Ing. Hubert Tilg
+43 / 512 / 33515-800

Head of Steel

Jaqueline Graber
+43 / 512 / 33515-788

Sailer Simon
+43 / 512 / 33515-844

Assistant to the Managing Director
Elisabeth Obkircher
+43 / 512 / 33515-777

Purchasing Department
Veronika Paungarttner
+43 / 512 / 33515-814

Head of Die Casting
Ing. Georg Ausserlechner
+43 / 512 / 33515-712

Head of Human Resources
Mag. (FH) Michael Andres
+43 / 512 / 33515-727